Stuck & Overwhelmed?

Do you feel stuck right now but time keeps moving? 

Is the gap to your goals getting bigger and more overwhelming?

You might feel like giving up on your dreams. Or giving up on projects –  writing a book, growing your business, finding a new job, improving your fitness and wellbeing  – or anything else you always wanted to do. 

Perhaps you made some progress, but your initial excitement has worn off.

If this is you, I am so glad you are here because now is the perfect time to get unstuck with steps YOU CAN DO!  Steps that change your feelings and worries right away and get you into the flow, moving forward toward your goals.

Let’s Pause and Re-strategize!
“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” ~ Albert Einstein

Doing the same over and over will not bring you the results you are looking for.  It is time to pause and look for new ways to approach your life and work instead of pushing harder doing the same. 

Take an inventory:
Do this inventory in writing –> avoid judging yourself, others or your actions while doing this.  Just write it down.  

Identify: I feel stuck with………… …. or, when I……………..

Write down the good that flows:
What strategies have worked for you so far?
What inspires you and you would like to do more of?
Why is this (your goal) important to you?

Write down the challenges and blocks: 

What feels like a huge mountain and just by thinking about it, you feel overwhelmed?

Be specific – is it a task, lack of knowledge, technology or people you work with?  Or is it the time away from family and what you love to do?

Here is an example from one of my clients (an excerpt from her re-strategizing work).  For privacy, let’s call her Karen:

The issue: I feel stuck with my business, it is not growing, it’s consuming all my time and affects my wellbeing.

The good that flows: I have been attracting clients through referrals and connections. Clients are getting excellent results and recommend my services. I get inspired by helping my clients and I love making an impact, I feel I can help so many people…

The challenges and blocks: Getting organized, following up on emails and creating posts for social media is overwhelming. 
Karen broke it down as follows:

  • Organized:  I run late, feel exhausted and don’t know where to start in the morning
  • Follow-up: I feel that I don’t have time for this, it’s so overwhelming just thinking about it
  • Social media: I don’t have creative ideas and the technological experience to create posts that make a difference.  It takes an incredible amount of time for me and the results are minimal.

The Solutions:
When you identified that “mountain” or roadblock, you can develop new strategies to tackle it.
Most of the things that overwhelm us can be changed. Start here:

Use a written plan & schedule to free up your mind

Constantly worrying about all the things you have to do, clutters your mind and increases overwhelm.  Write things down to free up your mind. Choose one day a week to review your weekly priorities and plan it out in writing. Stick to the schedule. 
With this seemingly simple step Karen freed up her mind and addressed already some of her blocks. 

Stop doing more of the “same of the old” 

Identify different ways to do the things you mentioned under challenges.  What’s getting in the way of completing it?  Also, ask yourself, do I really need to do this or can someone else do it?  Or is even important to what I want to accomplish?   
For example, Karen had tried posting on multiple social medias, but her clients where really clustered on LinkedIn.  Now she provides valuable posts and potential clients reach out to her to work with her. She cut her social media time in half and doubled her clientele within a few months.  

Ask for help

There is no reason that you have to do it all alone.  Reach out for help, ask a coach or mentor to work with you to re-strategize so you can get unstuck and take success steps, one step at a time.  At the same time, the coach will help you to increase your knowledge and become more effective in doing the things you want to do. 

If you are ready to learn more strategies to get unstuck, book your free Strategy Session here. 

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