Mind & Movement 

We have the ability to rewire and reshape our brains, the actual anatomical structures and every cell. 
Every thought we have causes neurochemical changes in the brain which affect the brain briefly or lasting. New neural connections are created and more receptors result through repetition. 
And, in our body, every cell vibrates with the energy that our thoughts create.

Your thoughts program your brain and the cells in your body.

When you are overloading your cells with negativity, you are programming your cells to receive more of this in the future.  And then over time, you are reducing the number of receptors for positivity thus you are more inclined toward negativity.

Every cell in our body is replaced within weeks or months which means we can use mind strategies to change our thoughts and positively impact our body. 
For example, practicing gratitude, affirmative selftalk and imagery are one of the most powerful strategies. And they don’t cost anything!!!

Mind & Movement

In addition to mental training, our mind is very susceptible to being reprogrammed through action.

As they say: “Actions speak louder than words.”

In every cell of our body, we store experiences – good or bad. Muscle memory helps us to ride a bike, play sports or even just walk. To advance the reprogramming of your mind, let’s look at how thoughts and actions interact.  

Thoughts <–> Feelings  <-> Actions 
Thoughts create feelings, feelings inspire actions. And vice versa, actions create feelings, feelings stimulate thoughts.
Every action will become an experience and stored in your cell memory. Actions are key AND most importantly, recognize your actions and appreciate yourself for every step you take. 
The most powerful recipe is: 
Actions + Positive Feedback – > Feelings – > Thoughts and Memories
Positive Thoughts + Selftalk -> Feelings -> Goal Achieving Actions

If your goal is to grow your business, reaching out to prospects is an action that rewires your brain. Regardless of whether your outreach is successful, recognize your effort and, in this way, your action tells your mind that this is what matters to you and you are determined.
If your goal is to increase your sports performance, training is an action that tells your mind you are serious about it and you boost it when you recognize the effort. Every training builds new muscle and mental memories.
The positive feedback you give to yourself boosts your confidence, rewires your brain and creates success cell memories.

Confidence is the accumulation of positive experiences.
Remember, every day you can build positive muscle and mind memories that are your foundation forever. Are you ready to learn more strategies on how you can rewire your mind?  Book your free Strategy Session here.