A healthy

The secrets of complementary, alternative,
holistic health and integrative medicine.
The amazing power of our thoughts
and subconscious mind!

International Bestseller Imagine a Healthy You is a book full of powerful secrets for your health and wellbeing.

Written by Ulrike Berzau and Christel Cowdrey, published by Balboa Press Publishing, a Division of Hay House. In these pages you will learn about the secrets to improved physical performance and increased wellness in your life.

The book launched on March 6, 2015 and became International Bestseller on Amazon and #3 on Balboa Press Publishing. So exciting to see the book next to ‘The Secret’ and books of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Hawkins and Louis Hay.

This book is dedicated to those of you who want to transform their health and wellbeing. In “Imagine A Healthy You” we explore the power of the mind, how it can heal the body, and how you can use your own power to improve your physical performance and wellbeing. With this new focus, you will be able to complete daily tasks and all your activities with greater ease. This book has been written for YOU! We want to show you how you may guide yourself and, in turn, help your loved ones and those needing support to press on to a life of improved wellbeing. Practicing imagery provides an amazing opportunity for anyone and everyone to promote recovery and healing.

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