Business Growth Strategy

Unique Business Growth Strategy to earn more money and have more time for your clients. 


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Level Up with the 6 Step Success Formula.

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner overwhelmed with busy-ness instead of effortlessly growing your business?

Are you a leader tired of trying so many things to enhance your services and grow the business with no results?

Imagine turning busy-ness into business success! 

Imagine getting off the marketing treadmill and becoming a magnet for your ideal clients!

Imagine advancing using your unique skills and talents, and building on what you love to do.

Imagine earning more money and having more impact.  


Get started today to learn and implement the 6 Step Business Success formula so you can achieve the business growth and success you are dreaming of.

Say Hello to Success and Good Bye to Overwhelm!

Connect with me if you would like to develop an exceptional business growth strategy and action plan.

Together, we will work through each of the 6 Steps and update your social media so you and your unique business can shine, grow and make an impact. 

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♦ Step 1 MAGNET →
In this first step, you will discover your and your business’ UNIQUENESS so you can utilize your full potential to grow your business, set it apart from others and become a magnet. You will get clear on your WHY to keep you energized today and in the future.
♦ Step 2 MIRROR →
You will learn how to identify and attract your IDEAL CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS who are attracted to you because of who you are. In this step we will also refine your marketing and social media strategy to attract those who love to pay for what you offer.
Now it is time to develop your game plan, a BUSINESS STRATEGY according to the five pillars of success. You will clearly know where you want your business to be in 1 – 3 years, how measurable success will look like and how you will be able to make the impact you desire.
Through your game plan, you will identify the ACTIONS that move you forward step-by-step so you can turn busy-ness into success. You will learn how to take charge of your time with laser-focused priorities that lead to exceptional results.
♦ Step 5 MONITOR →
Now at Step 5 you are well prepared to implement the SUCCESS SYSTEM to stay on track. You will experience new freedom and heightened energy. “Hello success and goodbye overwhelm!”
80% of business success depends on mindset. In Step 6 you will learn how to overcome the invisible barriers that hold you back and limit your success so you can realize the results and business growth you desire.

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“When I started working with Ulrike, I was struggling to make payroll…now I paid off my loans, added new equipment, hired more staff, and took three months paid personal time to travel and enjoy!!! Through Ulrike’s coaching, I learned to identify and set my goals, personally and professionally, consistent with what matters most to me, my values and my passions. This helped me to see things from a different perspective, free myself from unnecessary stress and brought clarity to my plans for the future, much more than if I would have tried to do it on my own. Today I am focused, calm and confident. I am excited about my progress and am confident about the continued growth and success for me personally and for my company. ”               ~  Rumana Kasim, PT, Founder & CEO of Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center


“I’m so grateful that I connected with Ulrike Berzau, business consultant/coach, to assist me in taking my business to the next level of success. Ulrike is professional, engaging, compassionate and supportive in her approach to walking me through the steps of her “Unchain My Business” program. She shares effective marketing strategies, how to improve my social media presence, as well as tips for developing a path to increase my speaking engagements. We identified key strategies and developed action plans to help me navigate the journey to greater success for my business.  I found the supportive one-on-one coaching I received from Ulrike to be especially beneficial to solid application of the principles taught. Her experience, expertise and business acumen is evident in her presentation style and the information shared. I would recommend Ulrike Berzau to all business owners aspiring to take their business to the next level of success.”  ~ Lynette Lewis, Owner & CEO of Purpose Made Alive


Why work with me?

As a former healthcare executive and CEO of rehab hospitals, I have been working with executive leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes and patients in rehabilitation for many years. Through my first-hand experience and additional training with top transformational leaders, I discovered what sets those who advance, often seemingly effortless, apart from others. I found the keys and the steps successful people use and developed Mind Strategies®.

As a result of my Mindset Secrets and Mind Strategies® programs, individuals have experienced greater clarity, they know exactly what they want, they have overcome what holds them back and achieved and exceeded by far the results they desired.