Equestrians- Rider Mind

Equestrian Mind Strategies® to increase your confidence, performance and riding joy.

  • Are you an equestrian who plateaued at a level below your potential?
  • Did you ride a long time ago and are dreaming to get back into the saddle?
  • Have pain or fear prevented you from riding at your best?

This is for you if your are an equestrian, equine practitioner or horse lover

This is for you if you enjoy the competitive or leisure aspects of the equestrian sport and the many facets of the relationship with horses. 

This is for you if you experience:  

  • Lack of confidence & riding joy and success
  • Negative thoughts, feelings, self-talk and worry
  • Unsatisfactory riding performance 
  • Fear, self-doubt, overwhelm or tiredness
  • Lack of physical fitness and wellbeing 

Start Today!

You can contact me directly for special pricing at ulrikeberzau@gmail.com

One-on-One Equestrian Mindset
This is for you if you would like to benefit from private 1:1 sessions to improve your confidence, & performance, boost your energy & joy being with your horse.
Join the Mindset Secrets Program
Over 30 days you will learn the mindset secrets so you can enjoy greater clarity, confidence, joy and success on your way to peak performance.
♦ Equestrian Mindset on Clubhouse
During Covid we held a weekly Equestrian Mindset room on Clubhouse.
For now it's on hold as many Equestrians are back out there and showing.
♦ Group Coaching & Presentations
Tailored to your group, please contact me for group coaching and presentations on equestrian mindset topics.

Why work with me?

I grew up with Icelandic horses, started riding and showing at age 6.  As a teenager, I became champion riding a New Forest stallion at the Bavarian Eventing Pony Regionals and then moved onto my Holsteiner and showed eventing and dressage.  

Then … I did not ride for 25+ years due to work and family.  The dream to get back into riding was always there and I started to ride in my mind while walking to work in Boston.  Using such vivid imagery got me back into riding shortly after and now I’ve been riding daily and own a beautiful dressage horse.

Today, I combine my equestrian passion and my Mind Strategies® to help equestrians of all levels.  Regardless if you want to enjoy trail rides or compete, with equestrian Mind Strategies® you will achieve your dream.

And for the competitive rider, I will teach you the tools the Olympians use to increase performance and confidence.

Too often we give up on our dream and today I have good news for you. Contact me to learn equestrian Mind Strategies® so you can increase your joy, confidence and performance on the trails, riding dressage, jumping, western on your own, during lessons and at shows.

Join our Weekly Equestrian Mindset room on Clubhouse 



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