Stand Out!

Level up regardless of what others think.

When we advance, it impacts our surrounding – our friends, family, coworkers and others.

When we advance, we change and we make progress. 

We stand out!  

We are visible and seen because of our efforts. 

Our efforts are not just a “good job,” no they are more, they are outstanding!  And being outstanding can be scary for ourselves and others. 

There are people who

  • Get inspired by us
  • Admire our tenacity and accomplishments
  • Want to join us

And there are people who

  • Feel threatened by our progress
  • Don’t want their world to change
  • Don’t want us to change so they can stay where they are
  • Want to hold us down so we don’t remind them of their unlived dreams

Are you moving forward pursuing your dreams or is something or someone holding you back?

What can you do?

Most importantly, do not give up on your dream and goal because of others. 

It’s your life! 

Remember, you are all in! 

Regardless of what you do, you are alive, you’re all in!

Seek out an environment that is aligned with your aspirations, with people who cheer you on and inspire you.

Spend less time with those who want to keep you down. 

They need to deal with their own fears of change and advancement. 

It’s not yours to worry about.

Personal Story

From my personal experience, there were people who did not feel comfortable with my progress and changes.  And interestingly, some of them kept watching my advancements and later on told me how much I inspired them and that they were not ready to show it then, it took a bit more time! 

Level up, it’s your life!

Stand out.  

You are making an outstanding effort to advance, more than just a “good job.”  

You deserve to stand out.  

Be visible.  Be seen.
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