Planting Trees!

Get inspired by this young man who impacts the community on a big scale with his passion to train and mentor the youth and a desire to create a sustainable environment.
When Okaulo Nathan Ochom was 17 years of age, he already planted 2,000 trees and started to fall in love with trees and how they impact the environment positively.
Okaulo, today only 30 years of age, is an example of unstoppable determination.  His childhood was not easy and he persevered to get to where he is today, a successful business owner.  During his young career, he started businesses and they failed. But that was not a reason for him to give up.  
He became an automotive engineer and about 7 years ago, he started his automotive company in Uganda.  Today, he has employees / partners and has been able to give back to the community. 
Okaulo has a bigger vision for his country and the world and especially the role the youth can play with the right inspiration, education, training and mentoring.
Okaulo’s August 2022 tree planting project has taken on an impressive size and has plenty of media and community attention.  He is working with the Minister of Works in Uganda, the National Forest Authority and other influencers who are supporting the project.

It’s well over 10,000 trees by now and Okaulo not only secures the trees and leads the project, he also trains people in the community on how to take care of them.  

The planting days in Uganda are August 12 and 27, 2022. 

In addition to his huge project, Okaulo has started a Business Academy with the following vision: 
Success Strategies Africa is the #1 Academy for startup capacity building, small business training, enterprise development and mentorship support.  We are inspiring a million plus small to medium businesses and in this way creating a sustainable and thriving Africa.

Here are a few things Okaulo shares and believes in. I call it Okaulo’s wisdom:

1. Create your own luck (knowledge, wisdom, understanding): Create your own luck through great preparation and using a good strategy – don’t wait for opportunities, create them, look for them, explore and do your research.
2. Don’t do it for the money: You need to love what you do in order to succeed in your career and business.
3. Go against the tide: The world is rich with examples of originality – develop independence and creativity in thought and action.
4. View failures as learning experiences: Failure is not a reflection of your abilities, it is a valuable source of feedback from which you will learn and improve. 
5. Practice a positive mindset: Choose what you want and remain always positive about it. If something is difficult, focus on the positive side of it. Encourage yourself.

And there is so much more I could share about Okaulo, and we can learn from his magnificent wisdom and brilliant insights.
You can find out more about Success Strategies Africa and the Business Academy on his new website: