Goal Setting Frustration

Goal setting is considered by many one of the frustrating tasks.

And even more so, once people set a goal and don’t achieve it right away, they give up and/or lower their expectations. Or they simply don’t set goals again.

Now imagine you turn on your car and don’t know where you want to drive to. You may just end up driving around the block or off into nowhere wasting valuable energy, fuel and time. You get the point, goal setting is as important as setting your GPS. 

How to Enjoy Goal Setting

What if there was a way you could enjoy the journey en route to your success and meeting your goals without constantly worrying if you are “there” already?

What if you could stay motivated in the pursuit of your goal(s)?

Imagine moving forward on the road to your success and celebrating every milestone. 

Milestones keep you on track.

And interestingly, each time you celebrate a milestone your brain releases Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good and increases your motivation.

If goal setting frustrates you or you want to do it more effectively I invite you to contact me to learn more about a unique process that increases your inspiration and joy in the pursuit of your success, your goals and keeps you on track.

Goal setting in the right way.