How to Increase Your Resilience

What is resilience and why does it matter?

In short, resilience is the ability to bounce back. It is also how we respond and adapt to challenges.

Resilience is not toughness or being “strong.”

Did you know there are actually 4 types of resilience: mental, emotional, physical and social resilience?

The year 2020 for sure tested our resilience on many levels.

Resilience is not only important during major crises but it is important in our everyday lives. It supports our personal growth, our career, our business success and our sports performance.

How can you increase your resilience?

1. You Are in Control

When you take charge and use your abilities, you are in control. You stay in control when you stop blaming others and circumstances. 

2. Nurture Yourself

Creating healthy, nurturing habits will boost your resilience. Gratitude practices, mindfulness and mediation, just to name a few, are extremely powerful practices. 

3. Focus on the Process and Celebrate Each Milestone

Finding joy in the process and celebrating each milestone, even the smallest ones, keeps you inspired and on track regardless of external circumstances.

Developing practices that boost your resilience will enhance your wellbeing and success.

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