Aligning Your Intentions & Goals

In her Forbes article, “The Most Successful People Don’t Set Goals — They Do This Instead” Jennifer Cohen shared great insights about setting intentions:

“Setting goals without setting intentions is a waste of time.

While setting goals is fixated on the future, setting intentions keeps you grounded and present in the moment.

In order to achieve optimal success and stay in alignment with your values, your goals should be accompanied by daily intentions. Setting a goal is black and white—you either achieve it, or you don’t. Intentions, however, come from a growth mindset, and they set the standard for how you live and act, regardless of whether or not you achieve a set goal.

The big difference here is that intentions are rooted in values, not external outcomes, and they keep your attention in the present, not the future. While accomplishing goals everyday may not be feasible, intentions are flexible and ever-changing, leaving you plenty of freedom to re-evaluate.”

How to Set Intentions & Why

After learning more about the power of intentions, ask yourself:

  • What intentions can you set today that support your goals?
  • Which intentions are an expression of your values, yet aligned with your goals?

One intention can be to appreciate yourself for your efforts and accomplishments, small or big, they all count. This will support you on your road to success, keep you motivated and positively impact how you feel while you are pursuing your goals.

Research shows that when we appreciate our efforts and celebrate our accomplishments, our brain releases Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good and keeps us motivated. Dopamine release is very powerful, it impacts us positively when we work towards our goals, not only when we achieve them.

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Appreciate yourself. You are the best thing you have!