Your What, Why & How in 2021

The year 2021 has just begun.

What if you could make 2021 an amazingly successful year for you both personally and professionally so you can reach a higher level of performance, success and joy?

Now is the perfect time to create your 2021 and plan it both personally and professionally.

Successful people follow a clear success path. They are open to “something better” and new opportunities. They understand that sometimes our plans are derailed and we are going on a detour. Yet, all detours lead us back to our path to success.

As long as we move forward toward our desired destination, we will succeed. Most importantly, your personal life, career and business will leap forward if you are clear on where you want to go – the What. Then know your Why and identify your How.

When you think about 2021, ask yourself the following:

What do I want to accomplish?

For example, do you want to experience increased physical fitness, confidence, new skills, sports performance, business growth, a promotion at work, new experiences and more?

We express our unique skills and talents through “work,” creation and our hobbies.

When you think about your what, is it aligned with your unique skills, talents and what you love to do?

If you decide on a what because you believe others expect this of you or “you are supposed to do this,” you will eventually feel some resentment. You are missing out on using your unique skills and finding joy while doing it.


For each what ask yourself why? Your why is your fuel, it will keep you inspired to move forward in the direction of your goals. It will encourage you to get up in the morning and do the hard work.

Are you clear on your why to take inspired actions? Reflect on your why. When you are clear about your why you will feel a renewed energy and joy for your life and work.

How will I get there?

Are your success-achieving actions written down and do they guide you every day?

Be specific about what actions you want to take to get to your what. For example, exercise 5 times per week, attend a public speaking training session, work with your trainer, refocus your products / services, realign your marketing and so on.

Be specific and break it down in doable actions.

The Real World Out There

You might think this all sounds nice and if you just had the time to do it, you would.

Here is the truth – if you don’t you are not using your skills and talents to better your life and work / business. You are missing out on opportunities for success and joy.

Many of my clients when they contact me, say they feel stuck and their life or work is at a standstill. Many share with me that their environment is not providing opportunities for them to fully use their skills and talents and what they love to do. They feel they plateaued or disengaged at work and their physical well being is suffering.

Once they write down their What, Why & How they identify the gaps and develop a plan to move towards a more rewarding future, a future they desire.

If you’re ready to take your What, Why & How to the next level contact me today for a Free Strategy session. 2021 is full of endless possibilities for you!

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