We Don’t Control Time

In Spring of 2020 when Covid was ramping up, the effects and time-frame were unknown. At that time we did a powerful exercise in several of our group coaching programs and I wrote a blog about it here.

The power of group prayers or meditations has been experienced and documented many times before.

We set out positive intentions to raise the vibration and affect positive change, both locally and globally.

While we do not have control over the timing, it will always happen.

Last year’s exercise was a great example of how to keep faith regardless of timing.

And this year, 2021, we were able celebrate the 4th of July.

We were able to meet friends, get together and many of my equestrian friends were able to ride together or show.

What can we do?

When in April of 2020 each member of our group coaching programs and many recipients of my blog wrote the letter, they set the intention in motion.

Writing a letter to create our future is a wonderful tool to set out positive intentions, inspire yourself and others, and define your goal and big dream.

Writing the letter is the first step. Then take actions to move closer to your goal.

When you get discouraged because you don’t see things happen, remember we don’t have control over time. BUT, we can always control our actions and with continued actions, persistence and faith, it will happen.

I’d love to hear from you if you wrote a letter last year, or are now writing a letter to create your future.

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The gems of a detour.