The Ripple Effect

Does it truly matter what I do?

Can I make an impact?

I frequently hear people giving up on local and global issues because they feel they cannot change the world.

I see people putting “their head in the sand” when local and global issues arise.

Climate change, environmental, social and health issues, disparities, violence…you name it.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi

Most of us have heard this quote by Mahatma Gandhi and it serves as a reminder of how everyone has the power to make an impact.

Whether it’s by taking charge of our own actions, creating opportunities for others, inspiring and mentoring children and adults, donating or managing a nonprofit….what you do today can lead to lasting change.

But sometimes when we hear about so many local and global issues, it can be difficult to believe that just one person can make a difference.

And YES, you can!


Everything we do affects our body & mind, as well as our wellbeing. It affects our family and friends and every person we encounter. And they impact the people they interact with.

We can smile at others, not only at our closest family and friends. We can smile at the cashier at the check-out, the mechanic who fixes our car, or the person who cleans or picks up public trash.

We can pause when we don’t understand a person or when our own emotions are running high.

We can look at a person and into their eyes when we speak with them. We can listen with the intention to understand, not just to respond.

The small things we do have a ripple effect and can change the world.

Our energy is contagious. Our own attitude, communication and actions have a big impact on others directly and indirectly. Sometimes we see the impact, sometimes we don’t and we may not even know about it.

We are an example for others and inspire others. Start today to be the change you want to see.

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