Embracing Eustress and Navigating Distress

The year just started and we’re already experiencing some highs and lows.  You might be worried about how much stress you can take or want to have in your life.  

The good news is that there is positive stress, it’s not all negative.  

Most of all, how we embrace, experience and react to stress and what we do about it affects our performance and motivation, our energy level and wellness.  


Eustress, often referred to as “good stress,” is the exhilarating feeling we get when faced with challenges that inspire and energize us. It’s the force that propels us to reach the next level, conquer new possibilities and embrace personal & professional growth.  Eustress is the driving engine behind creativity, innovation and accomplishment.  It is the catalyst for feeling proud and accomplished, building confidence and reaching new heights.

For example, a promotion, a new business opportunity, an opportunity to perform at a competition, a big trip or move, all of this is exciting.  When we fully embrace these moments our energy level surges, we are effective and at our best. 

We can turn stress into a catalyst for success.  


On the flip side, distress can leave us feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. It’s like we have no control over the situation, perhaps not the skills or resources to deal with it. We feel others or the environment run our lives and mental or physical exhaustion may take over. Prolonged distress without strategies to manage it can affect our health and wellbeing. 

It’s important to recognize the early signs of true distress and implement strategies to manage the stress.  For example, a walk in nature, breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness practices, gratitude, sharing the issues with a trusted friend and working with a coach helps us to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Is it Stress or Excitement?

When you started a new job or opened your business, performed at a competition or presented to a large audience you “felt it.”  Didn’t you? 

It’s important to discern if you are excited or truly distressed.   Whenever we are pushed beyond our comfort zone, it’s uncomfortable!  But that does not mean we are stressed. 

Too many times people label excitement about a big event that is new and out of their comfort zone as stress.  

When my clients are faced with an opportunity (new job, sports performance, business opportunity) and say “I’m so stressed,” I encourage them to reframe it into “I’m so excited.” And it works, suddenly the feeling of stress becomes positive energy.

Thank You to Our Community

Thank you for being part of our community. 

Here’s to a month of navigating the waves of eustress and distress with grace and resilience.

I’d love to know your thoughts about stress and how you handle it.

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Wishing you peace and prosperity.