Just Be Positive Does Not Work

As 2023 concludes, I would like to share more about thinking patterns and mindsets with you so you can make 2024 a fantastic year. 

Jay Shetty discusses in his OnPurpose podcast three ways of thinking: Positive, Problem & Possibility.

The Pitfalls of “Just Be Positive”

How often have you been advised to “just be positive”? It’s a well-meant suggestion, but as Jay Shetty points out, merely trying to focus on a positive outlook without acknowledging our genuine feelings is not the solution. The mantra of “just be positive” can, in fact, hinder our emotional growth by preventing us from addressing our worries and doubts.

Problem Thinking: The Pessimistic Trap

On the flip side, we encounter the trap of Problem Thinking, where everything is seen as an overwhelming obstacle. The belief that there’s only one way and that happiness and success remain impossible if it doesn’t happen becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This one-way thinking closes our eyes to the multitude of possibilities that exist.

Possibility Thinking: Embracing Infinite Doors

The Possibility Thinking and Mindset allows us to explore the realm of possibilities. Instead of staying stuck in false positivity or negativity, we can embrace the many options. Jay Shetty encourages us to recognize that there are numerous doors and windows, not just the front door.

“Be positive” is replaced with a quest for what is possible. It’s about seeking alternative approaches, exploring different avenues and shifting our focus from what might be improbable to what is entirely probable.

Training Ourselves to See Beyond

The key lies in training ourselves to remember that there is always another way. It involves a deep search, a deliberate exploration of alternatives and a commitment to embracing possibilities. Let’s look beyond the obvious to challenge the belief that there’s only one path to success and happiness.

As we look back at 2023 and prepare for 2024, we can acknowledge our feelings and embrace the many possibilities surrounding us.

Ask yourself – did I look for possibilities when I encountered a problem in 2023?

Look back at how far you’ve come; the path was often not straight.  You explored detours and reached new heights. Didn’t you?

For 2024, you can train your mind to see more possibilities in various situations.  You can develop a mindset that recognizes and embraces the richness of options.

I wish you a joyful, peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Warmest Wishes,