When Others Label You as Weak

You give your best but it does not show

Has it ever occurred to you that others may perceive you are not fully engaged in a meeting, during a presentation or even when you recorded a video?

Previously I shared that we may not live up to our full potential, give our best at work, with our studies, in our sports and other life situations.

But if you do give your very best and it does not show? What then?

People might not pay attention to your message, don’t promote you or buy your products & services.  And others might label you as ineffective, lack of leadership potential and unsuccessful.


Even though you are giving your best, your body language might not show it.

Today, you can level up with these easy steps:

Power Position: Most of you have heard about the power of nonverbals and the power pose shared by Amy Cuddy in her TED talk and publications.  

Nonverbals influence how others see us AND how we feel about ourselves.

It goes both ways – when you use a powerful posture, you will feel more powerful.  When you slouch and look down, you feel weak and defeated. 

Just a Smile: Did you know that smiling increases your feeling of happiness like happiness leads to smiling?  Try it today. Smile. 

Smiling works also to your advantage with others.  Various studies found that people who smile appear to be more likeable, courteous and even competent. 

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Virtual Success – Every Time! 

With a big part of our work and meetings being virtual, here are some key things to consider so you appear and feel more powerful.

First, every meeting you attend should have a purpose because your time is valuable.  Time is your most precious asset.  

When you commit to the meeting, be fully present and show that.

How to increase your presence and come across engaged and confident:

Set your computer screen so that others can see your head and shoulders.  Look into the camera straight ahead, direct eye contact gives you more “power.” If you sit very low and have to look up to the camera, you might appear weak.  

When you use two screens or hold your phone/ipad horizontal, it appears like you look to the side, and you seem not fully engaged.  Stay with one screen on the computer during meetings.  Place your mobile vertically to look straight ahead.

Do your best to stay centered.  A tilted head position or looking excessively up or down takes away from your power.  

Remember, online your face, eyes, smile, neck and shoulders are all there is for the viewer.  Your body posture can convey strength and commitment or lack thereof. 

What’s in there for me?

What’s in there for me you might ask yourself.  A lot!!  

Because your posture and nonverbals get you results AND most importantly, impact your body and how you feel.  

Our posture affects the release of “happy hormones,” we can activate the feel-good brain chemistry to improve our mood.

Plus, biomechanical your body will thank you with no aches and pain caused by poor posture. 

“The body never lies.” – Martha Graham

Remember, life is not about just getting by. 

You are here to thrive and be your best – mentally, emotionally and physically.

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