The Book of Your Life

Don’t you love certain chapters in a book? 

While there are other chapters that are not your favorite?

This same analogy applies to our lives. Some chapters are fabulous, some less, and some rather challenging. We can look at the book of our lives in three parts. There are the chapters of the past, the present and then there are future chapters.

Each part holds its treasures and opportunities for joy, growth, and reflection.

Let’s get started. Go to your bookshelf and pull out the book of your life. What is the title?

Then open the book and look at the chapters and the three parts:

The Chapters of the Past

Read each chapter of your past again and think about the following:

  1. What do I like in this chapter?
  2. What did I learn?
  3. What changes did I make because of the experiences in this chapter?

Take time to reflect and write down the answers to the questions. Enjoy each chapter’s wisdom and experiences that are unique to you and your life.

Today’s Page and Chapter

Next, review where you are today, at this moment right now. Read a few pages of today’s chapter and most importantly, appreciate how far you have come and take time to reflect on all the wonderful things you see and feel. 

Appreciate your efforts and the challenges you overcame.

Count your blessings and appreciate even the smallest things. You might hear a bird singing, see a beautiful flower when you go for a walk, or enjoy a relaxing evening at home.

The Future Chapters

After looking at the past and today, get ready to write the chapters of your future. Now is the perfect time to reflect on:

  1. What would I like to experience and accomplish in the next chapter and the following ones?
  2. How will it look and feel?
  3. Do I want to change the story or keep going as is?
  4. What changes will I implement to plant the seed for many wonderful chapters and a happy ending?

As a gift to yourself, write out your future chapters and a happy ending. Use only positive words, describe how you would like your future to unfold. Add images to your future chapters, see it in your imagination, use photos or paint it.

You are setting the intention and creating your future, a future that will be happy, healthy and successful.

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