Our Body – A Fluid Process

Our bodies are like water, they are fluid, and each cell continuously renews itself. 
According to Dr. Chopra, our body is not a structure, it’s a process.  He says, our body is new or recycled every year. At the level of the molecules and atoms, our skin is recycled, which means we have a new skin once a month.

Our skeleton recycles every three months; our stomach lining every five days and our liver, every six weeks. Our DNA, which holds memories of millions of years of time, recycles every six weeks at the level of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.
So, why do we recreate the same illness or pain if our cells renew themselves? 
It’s the memory of our cells that like a software program writes the same program over and over. The memory recreates the physical issues unless we start to impact and change this memory.
“Every state of emotion — whether it’s anger, resentment, jealousy, fear or the opposites: forgiveness, love, compassion, joy, equanimity — creates its own biology. For every emotion, there is a corresponding biology.”  ~ Dr. Chopra
Fortunately, cell memory can be changed for the better through positive thoughts, self-talk, gratitude, positive emotions, the release of negative emotions and memories, through meditation, visualization, imagery and many more techniques. 

Get started today with these steps:
Increase Your AWARENESS:  
What we think, imagine, believe and say to others or ourselves, all affects our body.  Thoughts and words create images in our minds, images create feelings. And our feelings have a physiological response in our body.  
Spend time to increase your awareness and pay attention to what’s on your mind.  
Start to reprogram your mind. You can do this in simple, doable steps and here is how you can begin the reprogramming today.
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