Cell Memory & Your Emotions

Did you know that the cells of our body continuously renew?

Dr. Deepak Chopra shares in his book Quantum Healing and other inspiring books that our cells renew themselves. For example, the lining of our stomach completely renews itself every 2-3 days. Our eye cells take only 2 days to regenerate completely so every two and our liver cells renew completely every 6-7 weeks!

You might wonder, why don’t we free ourselves of sickness and chronic conditions if our cells change constantly and rapidly?

Dr. Chopra explains that the ‘cell memory’ whether it is healthy or diseased is passed onto each new generation of cells. The disease is passed on to the new cells through cell memory as long as the memory is not released. However, if the diseased cell memory is released through techniques that address the stress or emotions, the cell is given the message to return to its normal healthy state.

What affects our cells in the first place?

Studies have shown the effect that repressed emotions have on our cells. The brain produces neuropeptides which are messengers. Those messengers are all over our body, they travel and attach to the cell receptors where communication takes place.

According to Dr. Candace Pert, the neuropeptides and the receptors for the neuropeptides are in fact the keys to the biochemistry of emotion.

When we experience intense emotions, our body becomes flooded with neuropeptides and they block the cells from communicating with other cells in our body. Chronic stress, fear, and other overwhelming emotions can block the cell receptors over a long period of time and thus disease might manifest.

Suppressed emotions, subconscious beliefs, memories, and trauma literally get locked into our bodies on a cellular level as science has discovered. The good news is, once the suppressed emotions start to flow again, cell receptor sites are unblocked and negative cellular memory is released.

What can you do to change your cell memory?

1. Reduce chronic tension and stress:

Meditate, go for walks in nature, get enough sleep, and practice other mind-body techniques. All of these allow your body and mind to release stress and tension. In addition, practice gratitude to raise your energy and vibration. Start your day with gratitude and end your day by counting “the pearls of the day.”

2. Manage Your Self-talk:

Every day we are creating new memories. We are our greatest audience and listen to our thoughts and self-talk all day, every day. Thoughts create images and images create feelings. Positive self-talk affects us emotionally, mentally, and physically. Talk to yourself in an encouraging way. Appreciate yourself for all the good and your efforts. If there is an area you would like to improve, ask yourself solution-oriented questions instead of judging yourself. For example: “How can I do this differently? What else can I do to get better results?

Most of all, stop listening to negative news and negative people.

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