Best Year End & Beginning Practices

We do more and put more on our plates.  We are busy and at times overwhelmed.

All that can move us away from what truly matters to us. 

We seem to add and become so “full” that we don’t have space to let anything new or different come in.

How often have you decided to stop doing something or created space?

If you crave more joy and success, perhaps something different than what you have right now, read on.  Discover the best year-end & year-beginning practices:

1.Reflect on the Last Year

Discover your power and your unique strengths.  What made you successful and happy?  Decide to do more of it, it’s your superpower.  Look back and ask yourself, what worked?  Appreciate what worked and build on it for the coming year.

2. Let Go and Create Space

Create space, mentally and physically.  There is a great Feng Shui practice that I use every year.  It’s letting go of 27 things per day for 9 days, consecutively.  In addition to uncluttering your space, clear your mind with mind-clearing techniques.

3. Embrace Change

Now you created space, decide to let something new come in.  So don’t fill up that space with the “same old,” like the same habits, stuff and more. Decide to change one habit at a time.  And do something new, out of your comfortzone every day or at least once per week.

4. Create Your Future

What do you really want to achieve and experience in the coming year? Describe it.  How will it look and feel?

There are many techniques to create your future.  Some of my favorite ones are:

  • Write a letter to yourself dated a year from now and describe with enthusiasm all that you accomplished and how it feels.  In the letter you state what you want during the year based on what you want to achieve. 
  • Draw or paint a picture of your desired future.  Create a vision board.
  • Use mental imagery and affirmative selftalk aligned with what you want

5. Implement Success Habits

Now you created space for something new and have a vison of your future, it’s time for implementation. Look at your year-end vision and break down which actions you want to take every month to get there.  Break it down into weekly and daily tasks. 

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